About Us

As leaders in case management, our numbers tell a story of their own.



authorized days per month


$2 billion+

in authorizations to date


$50 million

in authorizations per month


$30 million+

delinquent/written-off HMO agings

Our Story

The backdrop to our success

It all began in the admissions office of a nursing home. Case Management Solution’s co-founder, Jeff Rosenberg, was hard at work in the trenches. Dealing with admissions at first, he took on more and more responsibilities, until he was overseeing the entire case management process. He became so proficient, that he was eventually sought out by a reputable National nursing home chain, where he gained further experience in the industry.

Jeff quickly saw that thousands of dollars were being left on the table due to guideline unfamiliarity. And as he fine-tuned the case management process, he watched the facility’s bottom line increase dramatically.

The inefficiencies witnessed by Jeff are common in facilities across the country. Case managers aren’t always aware of the many nuances involved in HMO contracting, and they accept low rates and denials as par for the course.

Determined to change that, Jeff joined forces with Steven Sax and together they created Case Management Solutions.


When it all happened

November 2015

Case Management Solutions is established

September 2016
Onboarded Facility #25
March 2018

Reached the $500,000,000 mark in authorizations

December 2019

 Employee #50 joins our team

April 2020

State-of-the-art, custom-built management software goes live

August 2021

Grand opening of our second location located in New Jersey

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Our Why

The motivation behind our achievements

At Case Management Solutions, we believe that skilled nursing facilities shouldn’t have to deal with confusing case management processes.
Having witnessed the impact of inefficient case management up close, we’re determined to create a world where managed care is more efficient and facilities have clear data so they can evaluate the efficacy of their case management processes. We want to use our skills to help you streamline these processes for maximum revenue.

Ready to find out how much you can save?

Our Values

The fundamentals that make us the #1 choice



We remain completely impartial as we analyze facilities. We only recommend our services if we are confident that it will increase your bottom line. 



Your facility data is sacred. We respect your privacy at all times.



We never accept denials sitting down. We move fast, unleashing our fighting spirits to advocate on your behalf for the best possible outcome.



Successful collaboration is key for maximum success. There’s no ‘Client’ and ‘Case Management Solutions’, we’re a team working on your case management together.



We focus on real numbers to assess current and future trends on a regular basis.



We’re constantly learning and growing, innovating our process for stronger outcomes.

Our Team

The leaders behind successful case management

Jeff Rosenberg

Jeff Rosenberg

Co-founder and CEO

Steven Sax

Steven Sax


Jeff and Steven oversee a large, ambitious workforce, yet they remain as involved and hands-on as they did back when Case Management Solutions was first established. As experts in the industry, they’ve attracted a team of skilled supervisors, case managers, administrators, social workers, therapists and nurses. Each member brings their own unique skills to Case Management Solutions, resulting in the diverse and highly successful team that has earned Case Management Solutions their prized reputation.