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“It’s been more than 3 years since I joined Case Management Solutions, and this is by far the longest I have worked in a company. Things might sometimes be challenging but at no point do I second guess my employment with them. I always feel appreciated for all the little things I do which continuously inspires me to be my best at work. I’ve grown a lot professionally with the help of the management and their underlying support. They always see potential in their employees even when I sometimes doubt myself. I would not know what I am capable of doing if I had not known Case Management Solutions. I will forever be grateful to them.”

Sharmaine Francisco

Subacute Team Lead

“I am Lorenny and I have been working at Case Management Solutions for a year now. After graduating college not knowing whether to pursue my career in the healthcare industry, I am glad I furthered my career at Case Management Solutions. The community at the office feels like a big family. We also form long-term relationships with facility employees such as nurses, doctors, and therapists. We enjoy working together and helping one another. Overall, I am delighted with my position at Case Management Solutions. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and the assistance provided by the company. Thank you for entrusting us with your case management needs, where we make managed care manageable, as we say at Case Management Solutions.

Lorenny Tapia

Subacute Case Manager

“It has been a pleasure working for Case Management Solutions for the past four years. Under our leadership’s guidance, I have developed a stronger skill set which allows me to manage my caseload efficiently. I feel that management trusts my decisions and supports me in my daily work. I look forward to having a long career ahead of me here at Case Management Solutions.

Jennifer Mercaldi

Subacute Case Manager

“Since I started with Case Management Solutions in January 2019. I’ve seen how Case Management Solutions Team takes good care of its employees. I’m very grateful for the generous compensation and benefits given to all its employees, especially during this pandemic. I’m lucky to be part of this wonderful organization and I’m looking forward to my career growth in the years to come while working with Case Management Solutions. Thank you so much for this great opportunity given to me.”

Eamonn Marquez

MLTC Case Manager

“For the 4 years I have been with Case Management Solutions, I am grateful and continuously hopeful. I have learned a lot being a Case Manager and learning with people as an Adviser and sub to LT Case Manager. For me, It has been a whirlwind of changes yet I am happy with all the experiences. Case Management Solutions has always been a dependable company and I am hopeful to continuously grow and develop with it.”

Merryl Acuin

MLTC Case Manager

“I started with Case Management Solutions 4 years ago as an MLTC Case Manager. I was given an opportunity to be the Junior Team Lead of the MLTC Department to showcase my talent and help me develop new skills, which helped me grow with Case Management Solutions. I became the Team Lead for the MLTC Unit, which wouldn’t have been possible without the seamless support Case Management Solutions provide to their employees. I would like to thank Case Management Solutions wholeheartedly, it is a great privilege to work with such an amazing company.”

Angelo Carlos

MLTC Team Lead

“I’ve been with Case Management Solutions for almost 4 years now and I am more than grateful for all the support and opportunities that were given to me. I started as a long-term case manager, where I was taught and trained in the end-to-end process of case management. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to spearhead the Part B unit. With the trust and support of my leaders and colleagues, I was able to make it happen. In Case Management Solutions, learning and opportunities never end. Everyone is taken care of and given the same importance. They take care of employees and make sure that every client is being taken care of as well”

Diana Catindig

Part B Team Lead

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